Wedding Officiant


I am a wedding officiant registered with the city of New York since June 2021.


I am excited to honor the love that has brought you to this moment and would be delighted as legal officiant to help you celebrate your wedding day.


I have been advising and helping couples create their wedding ceremonies with music, poetry, readings and meaningful cultural rituals and symbols.


Along with public speaking and community organizing, I have been involved in the movement for marriage equality since 1996 to extend legal marriage rights to same sex couples. I co-founded the Civil Marriage Trail project in 2003 bringing couples across borders for legal marriage including Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer. Their 2007 marriage led to the US Supreme Court case in 2013 which changed civil rights laws in the US , extending legal marriage to same-sex couples nationwide.


Get in touch with me and let me help with the marriage process as well as creating a ceremony that is memorable and unique to your hopes and needs.


A few other thoughts to consider as you decide:

  • Your wedding ceremony can be in a place of your choice – indoors or outdoors your home, your back yard, a local church or community center or a City Park

  • I am glad to travel anywhere in the City or in New York State. I am available weekdays as well as weekends